Ode to 20-something

As my last chance approaches to put a "2" at the beginning of my age on my birthday cakes, I am growing reminiscent and waxing poetic. Here is my poem entitle "Ode to 20-something"

20's, you have been good to me.
You have seen me through good and blah.
From the single life, to wedded bliss
To motherhood and all that is.
Weight gain and loss
3 apartments, 2 states, 1 house.
My first car wreck, and first new car.
College education, and the "night shift".
The energy of youthfulness
Tempered with bits of wisdom,
I still feel like I'm 21
But hopefully don't act it.
Only one more year left
that I can say
"I'm 20-something. Hey!"
But through the years
God's faithfulness shines.
If the next decade is
anything like the past,
It can only, better, be.


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