Moving, part 1

I’ve often heard it said that when you let God write your story it will be miraculous. This is something that we have experienced recently with all the changes that are going on in our life. Talk about perfect orchestration!! The Lord truly is our caring and powerful God. Our journey into Chaplaincy has begun and the first part of our story goes like this… In obedience to the ministry God called us (yes, us) to, we put our house up for sale the first week of December. God was moving us and we felt we had no choice but to follow His leading. The house was shown to a few people over the course of the month, and then a few days after Christmas the house was shown to a woman who eventually ended up being our buyer. We had an offer the first week of January. For those of you who are keeping up, that is exactly one month from the ‘For Sale’ sign going up until we got an offer…all while the economy is in the worst downturn since the Great Depression, according to economists. Through God’s provision, we were allowed to stay in our house until a month before our time to depart for North Carolina. We were blessed by Christian friends who helped us repair everything from a “shakey” toilet to rotted boots on the roof, all for free or drastically reduced cost. We were again blessed by Christian friends who helped us move virtually everything into storage in one day. And now Dylan and I will have time to rest and recuperate before we depart for the next leg of our journey. We are all adjusting to our new living quarters at my in-laws, another blessing we were given along this journey. We humans are settling in nicely; the dogs, however, are not happy campers. They want to go back “home” and are breaking out of their pin in an effort to do so!! I am a somewhat organized person and I really like planning things, but even I couldn’t have put this together any better. I am reminded again that there is no better place to be than in the center of God’s will!!!


Jenn, my dh is finishing up paperwork as well for the USArmy Chaplaincy. We had our Accession Interview yesterday and all went well. Looking at March Boards, which would be the third week. I appreciate going back and reading your process, it is helpful for us to see how the steps go, and timeframe. Will you find out where your first duty station is soon? We haven't told our congregations (my dh is a pastor at two churches in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan) and wondered how the parish takes the news? Would you be able to answer questions if I email you? Laura Burton has been helpful to me as well. ( Bless your family!
Laura said…
Amen!!! Oh, I'm so excited for you!!! Please keep me posted! I'll be praying...

Love you!

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