Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday thoughts

This has been a tough week for me to stay tuned-in spiritually. I felt so distracted all week by so many things vying for my attention. The longer I went without feeding myself spiritually, the more my attitude suffered and the guilt set in. I found myself so looking forward to church today and what the sermons and lessons held. And God didn't disappoint. In spite of my lean spiritual diet this week, God was faithful to show me:
  • Peter was asked by the resurrected Christ "Do you love Me more than these?" Now it's hard to imagine that after seeing your Lord crucified, buried, and resurrected you could even conceive of answering "no" to that question. Yet we worship the resurrected Lord (resurrected is the only way we've known Him) who sent his Spirit to live in our hearts, and to this day he still begs that same question. How many of us allow ourselves to be asked that question? Let alone, to say yes to it, and mean it? It hit me this weekend as a great reminder of what my family is in the midst of. As I laid down for a moment's rest, with boxes piled high around me, I read that question: "Do you love Me more than these?" More than this house, than these pleasantries, than convenience, than comfort, than the American dream, than your kids, than your husband? I have answered these questions before in my heart, but reflecting on them was a well-placed reminder, Lord.
  • It's all about Jesus. IT'S ONLY ABOUT JESUS. Everything else is vanity and temporal. Without Him, all is meaningless and lost.
  • Christ seeks to effect us in the smallest of ways of our life (i.e. attitude, conduct, character) that He may be seen in the biggest ways of our life.

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