Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Cupid was running late...and tales of bathroom humor

Tim and I finally got a chance to spend a romantic evening together last night! We had our Valentine's celebration over a nice quiet dinner and spent the evening together (Dylan spent the night at Nana and Babu's). Better late than never for Cupid. I felt bad because Tim was not able to spend time on his paper yesterday, but I so enjoyed spending time with him. Relationships definitely need that boost that positive interaction time can bring.

I have been thinking for awhile now that I need to post more pictures featuring my husband and my son...together. I said something outloud about it yesterday, and Tim said "I've been thinking that too". Okay, so 'Hello', I can take a hint. Here is a picture taken during last week's brief but strong thunder & lightening storm. Dylan was definitely not feeling secure during the storm...until his daddy held him in his arms. Daddy lovingly explained what lightening and thunder are, and how to count the seconds after you see lightening to know when the thunder is coming. By the end of the storm Dylan was saying "See dat lighting?" and counting "One, two, three, boooom!" You have to understand that Dylan is NOT a "still" child; he is always moving. So this was a truly precious sight - which lasted for 15 minutes. And which his daddy treasured.
The phrase 'potty training' is one which strikes fear in the heart of any mother of toddlers. We have had Mr. Potty in our hall bathroom for many months now, but have not been insisting on his use. Within the last couple of months, though, Dylan has taken a real interest in it. He has definitely not mastered it, but he is making great strides. Two weeks ago #2's began happening in the potty and he has successfully done that about 4 times (although he yells "Uh Oh" when he does). He will generally go when asked, but seldom will ask or tell you of his need.

It is still somewhat of a novelty item to him, but he has quickly learned that pottying is something that he has the ability to control. What I mean by that is he knows that by saying things like "Go out Mommy!" or "Go somemore" or "Need go potty gen", he can manipulate his schedule and do what he wants to. I figure it is the first step in him figuring out how to master bladder/bowel control. In the meantime, he is very proud of others when they succesfully complete their potty attempts. And he is trying to teach his friends!

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