Sunday, February 10, 2008

Goldfish and Whales

February is here but we are seeing our share of tolerable weather - which we have been taking advantage of by being outside. Yesterday we spent the day at the local park with my friend and her daughter. It is fun watching the two 2-year-olds interact! The girl is already somewhat more physically coordinated than Dylan, but he is too busy exploring nooks and crannies to care! Our pediatrician asked us at our last visit if Dylan was stringing 2 or 3 words together yet, to which Tim and I both responded "Oh yes!" But this week he has begun to form complete sentences, with nouns, verbs, and prepositions. We were truly amazed as he said on the way to church this morning "I want some goldfish". Now, that was not just him asking for a snack. He realized in that little almost-2-year-old mind that we were on our way to church, where they serve goldfish every Sunday. Talk about cognition! But then again, I am biased...
One Silly Boy

My journey through the Bible took me to Jonah yesterday (speaking of fish, huh?!) and I learned something new from this timeless story. The name Jonah in the Hebrew means "dove". That struck me as interesting because in alot of ways Jonah was like a dove. He was intended to be a messenger to the people of Ninevah, and while his message was not one of peace, it was intended to bring them back to God who is the peace-giver of life. However, Jonah "ran away from the Lord (Ch. 1, v. 3)" and became like another Biblical description of doves: easily deceived and senseless. When I read a passage that I have read over and over again and find a fresh stream of truth in it, it is then that I truly realize that "The Word of God is living and active. Sharper than any two-edged sword..." Heb. 4:12

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