Sunday, February 24, 2008

"Two" much fun!!

I cannot believe that today my firstborn is 2! It really does seem like just a couple weeks ago he was sitting in his bouncy chair and playing in his Johnny Jump-Up toy. It feels like just last month we were studying the ultrasound pictures and trying to figure out who he/she would look like (for the record, he looks just like Dad with a hint of Mom!). It seems only a short time has passed since our empty arms ached for a newborn to hold. But as of today at 2:52pm, two years have passed since Dylan graced this world with his presence. Now he is 2 and has but the world to conquer! I praise the Lord for this birthday, for many parents never get to celebrate it with their children. I praise the Lord for the fact that he talks like he is 3, for many parents never get to hear the sound of their child's voice. I praise the Lord for the fact that (accept for the occasional sinus/allergy problem) he is healthy, for many children are battling illness and disability.

Tim and I truly thank the Lord for what a blessing Dylan is in our lives. Few occasions can redefine one's life the way having a child can. When I think about the love I have for Dylan, I am reminded of the parallel that must exist between our love for our children and God's love for us. Even just the littlest things Dylan does are pleasing to me and bring me joy. Each smile, each laughter, each song, each word are are treasurable things. Each fall, each tear, each cry are concerning things. My favorite thing as a parent is to have my child in my presence and to be in good communication with him. Does God feel this way toward us? Surely so, and much more-- As evidence by so many of the Psalms in the Scriptures.
Yesterday we celebrated with a birthday party in all its toddler glory, complete with a Cars theme. Among the many wonderful gifts Dylan received were the items needed to complete the makeover of his room. He is now officially a Cars fanatic! Many of Dylan's friends and family were able to come and we were so grateful to have them! Click on any of the pictures below for a closer look!

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