MARCHing on...

Wasn't it just New Year's like last weekend? It's hard to believe that spring is around the corner; but an unseasonably warm weekend just put me in the mood for gardening and walks in the neighborhood. There is alot of rejoicing going on at our house. Tim has completed his 15,000 word, 50 page Master's thesis! Yaaahoooo! All that is left to be done is to make the necessary copies and turn it in! I am utterly amazed and astonished (perhaps a bit jealous) of someone who can perform so well under pressure (Perhaps another reason why God intended men to be the head of the family). After a misunderstanding of the due date, he had to really kick it into super-high gear to finish the paper in a reasonable amount of time. And he did. And it is good. "And (hopefully) God saw that it was good." Now there are just a few more short paper assignments left and we are in the home stretch to graduation!

We are also rejoicing because one of the companies Tim interviewed with back in January called him back today and asked him to come in Wednesday to speak with them again about the position. I figure this situation is kind of like the doctor's office; where they don't ask you to come in person unless it is something serious (in this case, a good kind of serious). The timing seems a bit strange since Tim just got somewhat of a promotion (and a raise) at his current job. We are trying not to read into this re-interview until Wednesday comes and goes, but just to pray and let God lead.

Dylan continues to amaze us with his vocabulary. Not just what he can repeat, but what he comes up with from memory at appropriate times. He is so observant. Neither an airplane nor a motorcycle passes him by without his acknowledgment of the sound. Also, in recent weeks Dylan has become increasingly attached to 'his' Cali (a stuffed representation of the yellow lab in our back yard) and she seldom leaves his side. At a portrait session over the weekend, there was only one pose where I was able to 'sneak' the dog away. The rest of the pictures have Cali in the shot with him. Oh well! I figure it is a testament to the life & times of Dylan. I am just grateful that she is still in good condition and has both eyes in place! He has not bonded to 'his' Max in the same way, although from time to time he "needs" Max as his side-kick as well. I have included a few shots of Dylan's new "big boy" room. Or should I say, Vrrroooom!


Carolyn said…
Jennifer, I love your blog. Your sensitivity and spiritual maturity shine through beautifully. Continue to journal. Love ya'll, Carolyn

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