On my mind...

Today's question is the old proverbial one of "Do I keep hearing certain things b/c they're on my mind, or are they on my mind b/c I keep hearing them?" But anyways, God placed some things on my heart I'd like to share with you. These came out of my Beth Moore study a few days ago regarding Psalm 123.

She raised the question that we are so often afraid to ask: "Who is God that we should obey Him as servants?" The answer is that God invites us to get to know Him for who he really is. To "taste and see that He is good". He has nothing to cover up - the more we learn of HIm, the better he tastes -- and the more we want to serve Him. Beth put it this way: He does not call us to worship and serve ignorantly and stumble before him blindly.

Also enlightening was the fact that God was just as intentional about what He didn't tell us in Scripture as what He did; He's as wise in what He's hidden as in what He's disclosed. The hidden is what often brings us to chase closely after Him.

God is not just a rescue god or an entertainment god. We are called to see Him as he really is...through the eyes of the Word and through Jesus Christ. I loved this quote from Eugene Peterson:
"We would soon become contemptuous of a god whom
we could figure out like a puzzle or learn to use like a tool.
No, if God is worth our attention at all,
he must be a God we can look up to --
a God we must look up to...
The moment we look up to God
(and not over at him, or down on him)
we are in the posture of servitude"

Somehow I found comfort in all this; I guess to think that God is intentional in the things He leaves hidden brings me hope...that he will reveal what I need to know clearly and in due time, either through the Scriptures or through the communication borne out of a relationship based on faith. I hope this touches your heart.


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