Snow - twice in one week!

We have had an interesting weather week. In an unusual twist of events, we had snow fall twice in one week. Arkansans are joking that Old Man Winter waited until the end of winter to crank out all the season's snow nearly at once! Regardless, we have definitely been enjoying ourselves - especially watching Dylan take in his first snow. Tuesday's snow was light; what little did accumulate was gone by the day's end. Tim and I both had to go to work, so Dylan went to preschool. I don't think they took the kids outside that day. But Friday was a different story; both of us had the morning off and we spent some time playing in the white powder. Dylan wasn't all that sure about it though - by the "pppllbbtt, ppllbbtt" sounds he was making it was apparent the snow wasn't his favorite flavor. He wasn't happy about snowball throwing, unless daddy was the one getting hit. He would sled down our yard as long as Mommy was in the sled with him. He enjoyed looking out the window and saying "It's a-snowing!"
The re-interview Tim had Wednesday ended in a job offer. After much prayer, conversation, and consideration, Tim made a decision to not accept the position. We just didn't feel it was the Lord's will for us; nor did it seem to be the best fit for our family. Thanks to all who prayed for us during this decision making time.


Laura said…
Just stopped by to catch up on your blog! Thanks for the sweet comments and for always being an encouragement to me. You're such a blessing!! Glad to see all is well and graduation is getting closer. Maybe God will see fit to place us close to each other one of these days! :)

Take care!

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