Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Big Surprise

It is been just plain difficult for me to blog lately (last posting on 3/8 I think) because I've been so busy! Probably just busy being busy -- but busy nonetheless. We experienced an action-packed weekend and are enjoying a few relaxing days together with extended family. My parents came down Friday to spend some time with us and we have been enjoying the mild weather. Don't be alarmed by the striking resemblance between Lance Armstrong and the boy in the photo below. It is just Dylan. Although, if he starts his biking career at age 2, maybe he will have a shot at being Lance-like! Saturday we attended a parenting seminar at our church put on by none other than my dad. It was a great event and I personally learned alot, including a systematic way to approach discipline. If you ever hear of an opportunity attend or read anything by the National Center for Biblical Parenting, I highly encourage it -- you won't be disappointed and you'll learn how to reach the heart of your child.
Saturday evening we put on a surprise birthday party for Tim. Is lying to your spouse really wrong? If so, I am quite guilty. I did my best to keep the lies small, or at best to keep him in the dark about some things. But as Saturday night grew closer, it just became harder and harder to keep it a surprise! We went to our former church for what he thought was a birthday party for one of the teens from our old youth group...and SURPRISE the joke was on him. Now, I'm not at liberty to say which birthday this was for him, but pictures can speak a thousand words. I can hear you now, honey -- I love you too. Sunday was not a day of rest for Tim...he spent it filling a pulpit both morning and night. He wouldn't have it any other way, of course. He really enjoys preaching whenever he can. It was nice for my family to get to hear him preach. He did an excellent job and God used him to bring certain elements in the Old Testament to life for me. This morning I awoke to find that...I couldn't awake! Or at least I couldn't open my left eye because it was crusted over. Ah, Pink Eye...the gift that keeps on giving (and gives to almost everyone it meets). Tim came down with it so long ago that we didn't think he was contagious anymore. But there we go, not thinking again. So, I got to work from home which was a blessing in disguise. I was able to spend more time with Mom & Dad, albeit in 2-5 minute intervals when I wasn't taking call! Oh well, it is better than being away for 12 hours.
Dylan is off to spend a few days with Grammy and Poppy. Tim and I will have to work, but look forward to spending some time together...just the 2 of us. I hope to get caught up on 'things' around the house, do some spring cleaning, and hopefully get the first of this year's pedicures!

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Laura said...

It was nice to click on your blog and hear the song "Legacy" playing. What an awesome reminder of what we all should want! Miss you! Take care,