Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Day 4

We left Kentucky this morning and finally headed west (so far we’d only gone north and east!).  We crossed over through Indiana and into Illinois.  Shortly after crossing the river and seeing the great arch, we made it to our campsite in Missouri, just outside of St. Louis, in just enough time to kayak as the sun was setting.  370 Lakeside Park in St Peters, MO has a beautiful campground right on a lake - we highly recommend this site to anyone looking to camp in the St. Louis area.  In addition to a clean, nicely tailored campground (which is run by the city of St. Peters) there is also a very nice recreational area that is open to the public as well.  It is well within walking distance of the campground.  When we arrived they were having a “concert in the park” under a large, gorgeous, wooden pavilion.  We could hear the music drifting out onto the water as we put in. This time hubby and I each took a dog on board our kayaks with us.  The did pretty well and settled down after we got paddling, but we could both tell they’d rather be in the water than riding on it!  Dinner was sandwiches - both lunchmeat and ice cream!  The kids were begging for their beds by the time we finished eating.  Tomorrow we move on into Kansas for a 2 day journey on I-70.

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