Thursday, July 21, 2016

Day 6

Today we moseyed on through Kansas and made it nearly to its western border.  So often we've heard of the sheer boredom that ensues when one drives through Kansas - nothing to see and nothing to do. Nothing but prairie, and cattle, and oil wells.  We found the scenery to be peaceful and refreshing.  We marveled at the flat land and how fiercely the wind whipped through the prairie.  I think the thing that made it the most enjoyable was doing the long drive over the course of two days. 

We stopped for the night in a place called Goodland, Kansas at a KOA camping site called Goodland KOA.  It was a very clean, well-kept campground and offered many amenities.  We parked the camper, set 'er up, and went for a dip in the pool.  And our sweet li'l girl did her first underwater handstand at that very pool!  As for our nightlife that evening, our beagle ended up getting into some dog medication and ate not two or three but FIFTEEN pills!  So while the kids were sleeping, hubby and I were outside giving beagle peroxide to help oust what he'd put in.  Not fun.  And neither was the middle-of-the-night "code brown" that ensued in the camper after he tried to O.D. on those pills.  {Ahem}  Next morning we awoke with excitement yet sadness on our hearts.  Excitement that we'd be making it to our final destination that very day, but sadness that our epic camper journey was coming to a close.  The next place we'd park the Pioneer Wagon would be our new driveway! 

 A neat gas stop in Kansas


Goodland KOA

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