Friday, July 22, 2016

Day 7 (and more of day 6!)

Seeing such beautiful countryside as we drove made the photographer in me want to jump out and take pictures.  So I did the next best thing - I grabbed my camera and took drive-byes!

Field in Kansas.  Made me think about amber waves of grain.

One of the millions(?) of windmills in Kansas.

A neat A&W we stopped at for lunch in Russell, KS

We finished up our journey west today, stopping only for gas, lunch, and a quick picture at the state line.  Such a unique state line sign!

One special memory on this day was seeing the mountains slowly come into view on the horizon.  The kids were so excited to finally see them!  And their new home!  After receiving the keys and doing a walk-through of the home (picking out rooms, figuring out furniture), we went out for Chic-fil-a and grabbed some groceries. We'd anticipated staying one more night in the camper with it parked in the driveway, but the drive was juuuuust a little too steep to get the camper level.  So, we made pallets and slept on the floor inside the house.  The kids had a "sleep-over" in J's room and were thoroughly exhausted.  For me there was a mixture of emotions and thoughts.  This new home was a good one with plenty of space for our things and for us to spread out and be comfortable, but it wasn't  MY home.  It felt like we were supposed to be here but it still felt foreign.  Having felt this way many times before, I knew this was normal.  It takes time to adjust to a new living space.

Over the next several weeks we unpacked and settled and made the place feel like home to us.  The kids were troopers when it came to unpacking and patiently giving Mommy & Daddy time to set up house!  And their dreams came true (with the help of their hard-earned money) when we got the trampoline they'd been longing for put up in the backyard.  One of my favorite spaces in this home is the fireplace room.  It's a great space to read, relax, and look out into the backyard.  We have a view of the mountains to our west and a view of the Blue Stern prairie to our east.  This is truly such a beautiful region of the country!

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