Saturday, July 16, 2016

Journey out west

Day 1
Today our family embarked on a journey that will take us out west to the Rocky Mountains.  Hubby has graciously and diligently plotted out each night’s campsite and also each fuel stop we need — and there will be many because this camper makes our SUV like to drink!  We traveled from Huntsville, Alabama to the national park in western Kentucky known as Land Between the Lakes.  Rain plummeted down on us for much of the trip - much needed refreshment in this part of the country!  The precipitation kept the temperatures down but kept the humidity high - our swimsuits and towels would NOT dry hanging up outside overnight!  We are taking these days of travel at a leisurely pace, averaging 4-6 hours of driving each day.  Once we arrived at LBL we set up camp and hit Kentucky Lake with our swimsuits and kayaks.  It was a glorious end to our day, watching the golden sun set behind a nearby hillcrest.  After an outdoor dinner and indoor dessert, we all piled up into the camper - dogs and humans - and bedded down for stories and goodnight prayers.  Tomorrow’s destination?  A campground near the Ark Encounter!

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