Day 5

Day 5
We made our way into Kansas today. We counted RVs and campers as an in-car game to pass the time.  And we got over halfway to our goal of finding all 50 states' license plates. Our stopping place for the night was a campground in Paxico, KS -- Millcreek Campground.  The town of Paxico and this campground are a throwback to yesteryear, when the railroad was king.  We got to explore an old decommissioned train station with a telegraph and its poles still standing. We lingered over the nearby fencing to get an up close look as a train nearly a mile long powered down the track just a few feet away. The ground rumbled beneath our feet and the conductor honored our request to blow his whistle as he passed.  The kids delighted in all these things from long ago, reveling in them with the fascination that comes from novelty. The 6 of us, dogs and all, eased down an embankment to the creek, which lends its name to the campground, and stuck our toes and paws in the cool water flowing by gently. A relief from the day's oppressive heat! And before heading back in we took turns on the teeter totter and merry-go-round on the playground. Hubby hung up a sheet in the camper and using his projector we watched "Evan Almighty" to complete our ark encounter.  Fun ending to an awesome day! 

One thing we’re doing to combat boredom and sibling rivalry is audiobooks, and a little bit of school work, as we go.  I brought a couple of subjects that are "weak points" for us, so we can sharpen up and not loose learning ground.  It doesn't exactly make me the most popular person in the vehicle, but hey - I'm the mom, not the best friend!  For audiobooks, here is our list we chose for this trip:

We also tuned into some podcasts of our favorite speakers and preachers.  This all led to several excellent conversations and in many ways I felt we learned more on-the-go than any day in the classroom!


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